From Shame To “Empowerment”

“I Got Tested Positive With Herpes After That I Tried Everything That I Could Possibly Find on The Internet But Nothing Worked For Me And I Don’t Know What to Do Next…”


From Shame To “Empowerment”

“I Got Tested Positive With Herpes After That I Tried Everything That I Could Possibly Find on The Internet But Nothing Worked For Me And I Don’t Know What to Do Next…”

After a few days of hoping it would go away, finally, I had to go a clinic for finding answers for my cold sore outbreak ‘down there’. Heartbreakingly, the doctor had told me that I have herpes

As far as I know, there is no cure for herpes! I went into total shock. I didn’t hear a single word my doctor said after that. All its symptoms and its consequences were flashing before my eyes. The doctor had to shake my shoulders laboriously to bring me back to the moment. 

Then she snapped her fingers at me and said – Elena, don’t worry. Do this every day for a week, and your herpes will disappear! 

Herpes outbreaks are annoying and painful. The small flare-ups can turn your life upside down. Once the disease is diagnosed, it is typically followed by anger, frustration, and embarrassment.

Hello, my name is Elena. I am a 27-year-old interior designer, and at the moment, I am living a healthy and perfect life with less woes and worries. I love my job, have two cute little dogs to go home to, and most importantly, I am free of herpes.

Yes, my herpes is gone, courtesy of this unbelievably amazing natural solution

I had never had a sexually transmitted disease before and had never had unprotected sex. However, I had a boyfriend (ex), who at that time had a cold sore. Frankly, we assumed that it was just a spot because we never came to know about herpes until now. We engaged in oral sex, and that’s how I got herpes.

I was devastated. At first, I was extremely mad at my boyfriend. I was feeling betrayed. But then I realized that even he didn’t know about it. If he had known, he would have already told me; after all, it was just one small spot. 

Because I wasn’t sure what it was before I visited my doctor, I tried out many over-the-counter treatments like ointments and creams to soothe ‘down there.’

But, things kept getting worse. The painful blisters had started to spread from down there to my stomach and my face (on top of my lips). I was furious but had no idea what it actually was. I never left my house for four days. I shut contact with everybody, called in sick at the office, and started looking for remedies.

4 days later, after trying the ointments and creams, I visited my doctor. The moment she saw the blisters, she told me, ‘you have herpes.’

But because she was a family doctor, she told me a secret that no other doctor would want you to know.

Here is that secret:

Why would they because this secret holds the power to create shockwaves in the multi-billion dollar herpes treatment industry?

If you are not as lucky as me, your doctor may say that they couldn’t do much for you, and even you may have to start living with it.

Why are doctors keeping the solution as a great secret?

You will find the answer in this video.”

If you have herpes and your doctor says that they do not have any solution for your problem, you don’t have to feel defeated. There is a solution for herpes that is so amazing that you will start seeing results within one week.

I have used it and want to share my experience with you guys.

PS: my ex-boyfriend is also free of herpes 

Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars selling drugs and medications meant for herpes. But in reality, these medicines won’t do a thing. It is just that herpes patients are their cash cows, and the doctors are involved in it somehow.

Essentially, herpes is a very potent virus that is difficult to kill. However, a well-wisher has found a solution.

Our body contains a protein called ICP47, in which the herpes virus hides. Therefore, our immune system isn’t able to track and kill the virus. It has been realized that some compounds found in natural food items can actually help in separating ICP47 from herpes virus, enabling your immune system to detect it and kill it.

Now, you don’t have to spend time researching the food items that contain those special compounds. There are supplements and vitamins readily available at the supermarket that don’t cost a fortune.

It is not just me, but over 25,000 people are already free from herpes with this solution.

Today, I feel empowered and educated.

If you’re curious about how you can get free of herpes, just take a quick look at this video.

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